Repair & Rewind low voltage AC electric motor from fractional through 750 kW


Electric Motor Rewind Process
  • Proper winding removal to prevent core loss which causes loss of motor efficiency.
  • Core loss testing to insure efficiency.
  • Class F or H Insulation system to provide long motor life and service.
  • Slot liner and phase insulation are Nomex.
  • Premium grades high temperature inverter duty magnet wire which improved resistance to the damaging effect of corona discharge.
  • Coils wound on winding equipment for quality and consistency into the stator slot by skilled craftsmen.
  • Solventless varnish for outstanding resistance to chemicals and moisture with superior physical properties.
  • Double dip-and-bake cycle using resin varnish and heated on a temperature controlled bake oven to ensure proper penetration into the form coil.
  • Proper quality bearings and higher temperature lubricant to avoid bearing damage that shortened motor live.
  • Detailed inspection of all mechanical and electrical parts for soundness.
  • Complete testing including a full voltage run and insulation test, well-documented quality assurance systems and repair history.
When repair/replace decisions are in doubt?

Trust us,  our repair estimates are relatively straight forward  before going further, we check which is economical and practical,  causes of failure,  re-evaluate the application and operating conditions of motor. Because  there are opportunities to improve motor performance or reduce operating cost.  We will suggest or advise you in making a right decision.

We verified winding data of rewound motor (non original winding) with a computer verification program.

 We can also redesign the winding to better fit the motor application.

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