About Us

DC Electromaster Service Center opened its door on rewinding electric motor since 1979. Only quality materials, unique winding system and techniques of coil insertion are used by our skilled technicians.  We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and working with them promptly to ensure mutual success. We often search for improvements, industry best practice and engineering advances to cope up for the growing technology. So we ensure to our customers that all work is completed to the highest quality standard.


To serve our customers needs and work with the objective of providing quality motor rewinding and repair service.

What Are We Offer?

We brings out reliable repaired/rewound Low Voltage Motors. With a well equipped workshop, an excellent reputation for customer service, quality and competitive pricing. A team of highly experienced and dedicated technicians providing 24 hours services that repair/rewound motors adherent to EASA’s Recommended Practice to maintain their original operating efficiencies. Provide a one (1) year warranty on all completely repaired/rewound motors

We offer a level of experience in the industry of electric motor repair

Our main focus is to provide excellent service, distinct workmanship and the use of only superior materials in repairing electrical rotating apparatus

Being electric motor rewind shop, we are committed to discussed issues which include energy efficiency, stator core loss, insulation and on environment

A well-documented quality  assurance  systems and repair history

We can also redesign the winding to better fit the motor application
Each rewinded motor is tested following completion of repairs and back by one year warranty
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